Our aims

The Federal Holding and Investment Company's general strategy consists of:

  • centrally managing government holdings;
  • pursuing a proactive investment policy;
  • providing its shareholder with a long-term financial return;

and as a general guideline, pursuing an investment policy that optimally combines a financial return and social added value.

  1. The government has a powerful and sustainable tool for managing shareholdings within a single organisation: the SFPI-FPIM.

    As part of its centralised and coherent administration, the SFPI-FPIM wants to manage its portfolio more efficiently. This includes, for instance, creating a property marker around its participating interests in Funds for railway infrastructure and Credibe.

  2. The SFPI-FPIM also wishes to implement its own asset investment policy with a view to assisting socially relevant private companies in their development and thereby helping to consolidate the economic and social fabric in Belgium. Examples of this are its recent investments in Fluxys and Electrawinds.

    When deciding on where to invest, the SFPI-FPIM looks for the perfect combination of social relevance - i.e. a project that could yield real added value for the Belgian economy and society - and profitability in line with the market.

  3. In some cases, the government opts for a socially relevant project, which does not have the necessary financial preconditions, or the project exceeds the SFPI-FPIM's capacity. The government provides the SFPI-FPIM with required financial resources.
  4. Dividend policy
    As a trading company, the SFPI-FPIM seeks out profitable projects. When the SFPI-FPIM is successful in doing so, then its approach dictates that part of the profits be transferred to its shareholder.